Estefanía Marin

Every day you face your limits in your life, and you know they are there. During the trip they are tested. They are left behind, and, without noticing it, you go back to your day-to-day life without limits. You start challenging your body and your mind. You go back motivated and without fear of anything.

Giovanni Olvera

Biela Tour is a way of getting to know Colombia. Its delicious food, its tintos (coffees) and their aroma, its amazing landscapes, which have all the green tones, and the warmness of its people. You get to connect with many things. Nature, sounds, food, and a family for a week. Everything surrounding you is magnificent.

Catalina Melo

A journey of perseverance, strength and desire. Full of excitement to travel in new ways known places and reach other unknown territories but incredibly beautiful. All this alongside so many people with a similar feeling for the bicycle and eager to always share their smile and happiness with others.

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