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The Best Week of the Year


Date: 06/28/2020 – 07/03/2020

We go on to plan the next edition, just as soon as Biela Tour ends. The BT20 will consists of a tour inspired by the Bacata’s peaks in the eastern mountain range that surrounds the Magdalena River and the extensive streches from the central mountain range near to “El Nevado del Ruiz”. Such giant that led us to God in the climbing to Letras will be taken for us in different ways, ascending by Murillo and reaching Letras from its western slope. Likewise, we will have the Biela Tour’s essential elements: competition between friends, Team Time Trial and Individual Time Trial; all marked out by the camaraderie, a deep taste for the bicycle and the landscapes of the Colombian Andean Mountain Range.

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Join this unforgettable experience along with the best logistics team


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You can book now by simply doing a prepayment of 250 usd. Pay the remainder June 15 2020.

Join us now in BT20 and apply for a disccount before last stage.


Stages Places Prices
First stage (Sold out) Avaliable:10 $1.000
Second stage Avaliable:10 $1.200
Final stage Avaliable:20 $1.400



Get yourself one of the places avaliable for the upcoming tour.

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Participate in this unique cycling experience

Biela Tour 2020 – A Full Week in June 28/06/2020 – 3/07/2020

Book Your Trip with Biela Tour

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