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Magical realism is a term that describes the combination of reality with fantastic fiction. It was developed in Latin-American literature, in the pen of writers such as Gabriel García Márquez. Since then, it has been said that Colombia is the land of magical realism, because it has a great variety of landscapes and people that take your mind to extraordinary places.

Biela Tour is your company for riding your bike in the land of magical realism. With us, you can meet new places, ride with great people, and understand what cycling means for Colombia. It was born when two cyclist friends realized that Colombia is the perfect cycling spot. After previously organizing some outstanding cycling trips, we decided that it had to go one-step further, and Biela Tour emerged. We plan cycling trips in which you just have to worry for pedaling and relishing, and we take care of the rest. You’ll enjoy great locations, people, food, transportation, and mechanical support to make your dreamed trip come to reality.

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Jose Pacheco

Environmental engineer

Jose was born in Bogotá, but was raised in Boyacá, Colombia. He loves cycling and adventure. He is a full-time dreamer, and Biela Tour is one come true for him. He also likes climbing, hiking and camping. He’s eagle-eyed with his camera, and he hopes to travel around the world bike-packing. He likes fixing bikes, and he works with sustainable transportation consultancies. What he enjoys the most about cycling is traveling and go over long distances with the strength of the body. Jose speaks Spanish and English.

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Nicolás Castillo


Nicolás was born and raised in Sopó, Colombia. Some years ago he discovered in cycling a lifestyle. It made such an impact in his life that he left his job as a lawyer and started Bogotá’s finest cycling store, which he still manages. What he enjoys the most about cycling is the feeling of freedom. Nicolás speaks Spanish and English.